Star o' the Bar

If you are looking for "Star o the Bar", I’m afraid you will have to buy the CD (CDTRAX 245), where you will find the following songs :-

  1. The Hanky.
  2. Cauld Comfort.
  3. A Drinkin Man.
  4. The Cruel And Hungry Sea.
  5. Crime And Punishment.
  6. Noran Water – The Inside Story.
  7. Quiet October Hills.
  8. Strict Hygiene.
  9. Late In The Day.
  10. Noo The Spring’s Sped.
  11. Anthem For Scotland.
  12. Just A Blink.
  13. The Chimp And The Poodle.
  14. Sair Sair Sorrow.
  15. Star O The Bar.

Biographical details, and opinions on the burning issues of the day can be found on the insert accompanying the album, where the words of the songs can also be found.

The song "Star o the bar" seems to have become a folkie standard. To date it has been recorded by the Macalmans, North Sea Gas, and Old Blind Dogs, among others; but to my mind the best interpretation is by the Irish singer Rosie Stewart.

On "Lowland Souch" (Scotsoun Audio CDs SSCD118 ), as well as instrumental tracks by Andy Hunter, Davie Lockhart, and Mike Ward, you will find me singing the following songs of my own :-

Aye late and early
The write-off
Star o the bar
Cauld comfort
The secret sin
A drinkin man.

On the same CD I also sing the following traditional songs to my own small-pipe accompaniment :-

The flooers o the forest
The Baron o Brackley
Rigs o rye
Plooman lads are aw the go
The twae corbies
Babbie Allan.

"Lowland Souch" can be obtained from the Scots Language Society.

"Star O The Bar" can be obtained from Greentrax and certain online retail providers. Alternatively, if you e-mail I will sell you a copy for £10, postage and packing included.